Hey Bes!

Hey bes! I tell you that life seems to be boring without you so don’t ever construct in your mind leaving me behind  ghosting me.

Hey bes! You’re my favorite selfie buddy the same time my dearest partner in everything I do. You’re the best -est that ever happened to me and you will always be. I can count on you in many ways, lean on you when things went rough and celebrate the triumphs whenever I have.

10/05/16  Photo Credits to Ralph Aquino II



Hey Bes! I know that when life gives me rain, I am confident knowing that I have with me my dynamic companion to play with its game. Seeing our legendary picture-perfect under the rain, I was like being diagnosed with an acute nostalgia with what we’ve done that day (let’s just keep it with ourselves, it’s not worthy to be publicized. Gross! Hahaha). I believe we are both in deep awe in the vastness of our friendship. Wink.

Hey bes! A photo with you will always be my favorite wallpaper. Unlocking my phone then seeing your face adds up energy to my day. Whenever I’m beaten with this life’s cruelness, gotta unlock my phone to kick it out my way.

Hey bes! Twinning with you, posing with you and EATING with you are just few WITH YOU Moments that brings light to my colorful  life.

Hey bes! Thank you for the countless with you moments! XOXO :* 

Sharing bonds together. Keeping in touch with each other. Taking hold forever.

Hey bes! You mean a lot to me and I will see to it that in every corner of our day may we are together or not, I will be your strong hold defending and fortifying you. Remember that you can always count on me.


Hey bes! with you, I have cultivate the RIO kind of friendship:

R– Revitalize us

In this friendship you’ve imbued an amazing life with vitality. Giving us reason to always look at the brighter side of life and you never failed to give satisfaction with the bond that we had.

I-Indulge us

With what we have right now, it is evident that what you all want is to enjoy the pleasure of life. Pamper us with its goodness and bounty. The luxury of positivity can be vividly seen when we’re together. Wink!

O-Opposes each

Ironic right? But it’s true. Not all the time our thoughts and views to things are the same. We have sorts of perception to things which is different to each other that even brings lukewarmness. Friendships are boring without opposition. When we oppose with each other, we can see that our friendship become stronger and is given an opportunity to build a foundation on a solid ground. So let’s keep opposing one another! Smirk.

To the girl who brings joy to my life,

My triumphs are nothing when you’re not with me during the tourney. Happiness are bounded when you’re not in my front. Laughters are useless when we’re not together sharing every Hahaha of it. Smiles are filled with plasticity when you’re not with me. In other phrase, life wouldn’t be this meaningful without you.

I see you as a blessing and a gift from Daddy Almighty. You bring joy to my tears and turn my shyness into boldness. You have made me understand the true meaning of friendship and made me the person who values it deeply. At the end of the day, you’re the one who mold us two in bringing this friendship this far. I’m much more myself when I’m with the reflection of myself and it was you.

Thank you for all the stupidity and love!

Sincerely true,

The girl who is thankful of having you

Thank you for being you. I love you and I will never ever get tired of loving you.



PS, this article is dedicated to my bes! RIO JEAN R. RODRIGO 😉 :*

PPS, this will serve as my birthday gift to you on your special day kay wala ko money, harhar 😛 ! Happy Birthday and I love you!

My Heart goes “lub-dub”

Every time he goes nearby my place, my heart goes “lub-dub”. I can’t help it I’m just totally in amazement of how I interpret his actions and his over-all pursuit. Maybe because I’m just a howie-gowie nobody in his sight 😦 . I maybe his stalker and
apparently his secret admirer.
“—— a confession of a teenage girl who is having a crush to someone that somewhat needs to be crashed. Ooohhwww 😦 !

The urge to be with someone you feel special can be incredibly strong even at a very young age. There are many factors why most teens are feeling like that. Having a crush is normal. Teens are just in the phase of curiosity to the idea of having “someone special” in their heart.

Good-looking, friendly, popular, funny, morally upright and just to name a few things that catches girl’s attention in which boys do possess. There’s nothing wrong with all those. Each of them has it’s own appeal. You may not  agree, though, that when you’re in the grip of youthful crush, you tend to dwell on the more superficial qualities. We can’t deny the fact that teenagers are bound to such roller coaster emotions. That the “lub-dub” phenomenon is a matter that either gives us a “yey” or a “bang”.

If your heart goes “lub-dub” remember that there’s always that what we call “Tamang Panahon” for everything. Things aren’t good when we rush it, better plan and make things clear. We’re all destined to someone that will gives us things that we’re supposed to have.  In every “lub-dub” there’s a “tik-tak”, clock strikes at your most convenient time. Time to give your “yes” and time to say “no”, time to think and unwind with all that you’ve been through, remember that in every “lub-dub” is an equivalent to an important “tik-tak”.


I’ve Got  A New One


(Story adaptation from Max Shulman’s Love is A Fallacy by Benna Lyn Rizon & Kevin Oybenes submitted to: Mr. Arnel P. Cortes)



I certainly can. He’s got a raccoon coat.

Those words from her came flashing on my mind. At times, I realize  that indeed, love is a bunch of fallacies. I decided not to pursue Polly any longer. She’s just a waste of time and at the same time effort. I can’t afford to sacrifice my valuable time again for such girl like her. Maybe, I just have to move on and continue with the things that makes me busy right now. Yes, my law school.

The day went fine, not that I’ve seen Petey with Polly in the sala doing some clingy things together. Well, they look fine but in totality, so disgusting! I just went at a cafe just a walk from the dormitory. As I am silently sipping my hot tea, a lady from a far whose fair physique and whose hair shined so bright seems to go near me. I mean, she’s in front of me already. Hi, can I sit with you? All seats are already occupied except with this one. She says pointing the seat in my front. I offered her my seat.

It too long to break the silence between us. I’m Abby by the way, and you are? , I just stared at her , then few minutes I respond stating my name.

She looked so smart. Keen. Full of youthful exuberance. Flamboyant. Those words pops in my mind the moment we talk. She is totally a different girl. I took a glance at her after she bids goodbye.

From then on, after my class I intentionally went to the café hoping to see her. It’s been three days since my last encounter with her. This is indeed a different story, I think on first seeing her, It was a love at first sight.

What made you so busy these days? You’ve been going on and on at the café. What is it? Petey asked intently. I mind not to tell him, he might have this one again just like with Polly. This time, it’s my turn.  I just gave him a smirk leaving him lying at the sofa.

Hoping to see her again, I  go to the café. To my surprise, Abby was there sitting finely. I ordered and go near her. Abby! It’s you, what a coincidence? We meet again. She just smiled at me and offer me a seat in her front. It’s been days right? Me trying to make a conversation. She just answered me with a smile, it seems that there is something bothering her. I think so. I took the courage and make most of the moment. I asked her what made her busy these days. Good thing you asked. I mean, maybe you can help me out with my review? I am planning to take an entrance exam in that University. She pointed the university where I am taking my law studies. You sure can. I am studying there and I tell you, if I help you out, everything will just be a piece of cake but not with logical fallacies, I’m not good at it. I assured her giving her a playful smile painted on my face while tapping her hands.

We both see each other casually having our reviews and at the same time knowing each other deeply  . This time, I’ve finally got my new one. Wink.

Squad Goals be like!

Having a circle of friends is having a family even without the same  blood running through each other’s veins. It is sharing greater and better. An opportunity where you will be able to realize that life is much happier to have peers whom you can share life’s best moments and cherish the goodness of everything.

Honestly speaking, friendship bonds are not perfect but it is enough for you to see the brighter side of life. Different personalities, old yet same faces as the day keeps on unfolding and different interpretations of life yet the shared bonds will always be remembered. It is somewhat, enjoying each other’s similarities by respecting one’s differences.

What I love most about the group is that I can express my stand without the fear of being judged and discriminated. I love the way they treat me and their way of expressing their sincerity to me. I just love everything about the squad I am in. ~Ross


Friendship is being defined as one of the best that the world can offer. Simply, we are amazed by the acceptance we receive from folks and even close acquaintances.

Sharing memories. Keeping the genuine bonds. Giving comfort in times of loneliness. Imparting words of encouragement and even affirming whenever there are downfalls. These are but few things that friendship has to offer. How much more when there’s plenty of them who will give you those sorts?

The thing that I love about the squad is that they help me escape out from my comfort zone. I realized that it’s not me alone, it’s about the people who brings joy over my life. With them, I experience acceptance. Life without them is totally a different story wherein I can’t imagine what would it be.~Jee



Without acceptance, friendship will not be formed most especially a friendship that consists many individuals. It is inevitable that all have different point of views that brings chaos or even misunderstandings, it is a must to take everything that’s keeping in between will be accepted in order to cultivate a lifelong friendship. It is a process of knowing and establishing great bonds together.

Squad Goals? Circles will never runs out things like such. Indeed, it is an inspirational term where circle of friends wants to accomplish. Make sure that the goal you have brings you closer to each other the same time, brings out the best in each of you.


S-Q-U-A-D Goals.
  • Seeing the positive side  in every aspect of friendships.

    Not most of the time is a happy moment. Friendships can encounter ups and down at most or even worst, testings! Just see to it that most of the time, positive vibes are there to reign.

  • Quality time together being observed.

    Despite of the busy schedule, find time to hear from each other. Ask everyone about their lows and highs of the day. Like asking them, Kumusta heart natin bes? Try to establish connection and assurance that everyone is worthy for your time and attention. Don’t fail to let them feel that they mean so much to you.

  • Understand each other

    This is what friends does. Without this, friendships are more likely to fail. Understanding each other simply means that you are sincere for each. Try to put yourself up under ones shoe and you’ll be able to bring comfort and gladness to your peers. Understanding is a language of love and patience. Wink.

  • Achieve together the goals!

    Achieving similar goals and supporting each specific goals is more of a blessing to chase. Happiness will takes place indeed! It is planning together, strategizing and establishing unity in achieving the same goals. Working together and keeping in touch with each other, makes the team achieve bigger things as expected!

  • Depriving is a big NO-NO!

    Do not ever reject a friend! Be proud of having them and consider them as your precious belongings. Recognize them as someone you are grateful of having. Always show to them that you are proud to have them by posting groufie photos together with a caption: Birds with the same feather, flocks together. Remember, who your friends are, speaks who you are as a person!


Our kind of Squad Goals are best achieved when we there’s abundance of genuine friends giving you genuine hugs and sincerity of heart. 


P.S, I am dedicating this article to my amazing squad, NBGG & Managers! I love you to the moon and back fellows!



Internship Mode!

This is the excerpt for your very first post.



Young individuals aspiring for a great version of themselves are on their way for  its fulfillment! Go and brace yourselves for an inevitable positive blast from the interns — the epitomes of their immediate heads? I guess so. Wink.

Nervous? Yes, they are.  Just the thing as interns usually do. The big picture about the real world is already on hand. Make a move interns!

Trading everything that they’ve learned from the workplace into experience. Working so hard in order to impress the big boss even without something in return, because for them, experience is much better compared to anything that the workplace could offer. They nailed it right?

The heart of real learning comes from the real world experience. Internship is not just merely reporting yourself in an industry, it is setting your foot towards the reality. Things that interns learned from school are just “behind the scene dramas”  in building their future, internship is likewise the main event to sum up everything they’ve learned.

Internship is ones way of building a firm foundation before setting oneself towards the real world full of uncertainties. It gives you a deep understanding about the real world and a visualization of how you will handle a great career ahead.

images (1)

It is given that with ones internship journey, one will be able to gain incomparable experiences which is useful for every day-to-day transactions. Internship will hone ones attitude and perceptions in life. The good thing is that, everything is given, you just have to freely devote yourself in achieving the better results.

To the Intern I value the most,

From the day you set yourself in the office, there’s hunger for more as I look into your eyes. Eyes that speaks enthusiasm and desperateness for learning. Well, those eyes are pretty much obviously speaking that you are eager to learn for more. I am challenged to let you end up starving. To my surprise, as the day goes by, you alone filled yourself up until you realized that you are satisfied enough for you to gain learning. You learned all by yourself.

I value an intern just like you, for you made me realized that real learning is learning by oneself. So glad you came!

Sincerely True,


Internship journey is a journey where you can cherish the best moments. You can have amazing stories to tell. Ones learning is better if it will be invested through experience. Have a blast turning yourself in an internship mode!



Hello, My name is INTERN! Happy internship journey to all interns out there!